I’m writing this the morning after arriving back from 7 full days in Jackson Hole, Wyoming – an incredible, spur-of-the-moment adventure that we planned 2 weeks ago. 

A little background on why we went there and planned it so quickly: for the last year, we had been planning and looking forward to a 2+ week long adventure and pilgrimage to the Middle East: visiting Dubai, Israel and Jordan. It was a trip that we were excited about for years and was finally going to come into fruition… until it wasn’t. 

On October 7th, 2023, when I woke up to the news of the events over there, it was very clear to us that this pilgrimage we had prayed so long for, was not going to happen in our timeline. Within a few days, the trip over there was canceled, but we had been working so hard for so long in order to take this time off, so we decided to spontaneously plan a trip to Jackson Hole. 

Jackson Hole was the natural option for us without really thinking about it. We had been wanting to visit this destination that neither of us had been to, and we both really wanted to see wildlife, Yellowstone National Park, the Tetons, go to cowboy country and eat incredible food.

Day 1

As our plane descended towards the Jackson Hole Airport, the rugged peaks of the Teton Range welcomed us with open arms as it began snowing just as we landed. Our adventure began the moment we stepped off the plane. Upon walking into this airport, I knew that we were already where God intended us to be at this moment. 

A few days prior, I had to find my raw milk source, because I did not want to go a full week without it. By pooling my resources, I found Teton Slow Food, a Godsend to this community, with an unbelievable selection of raw dairy, grass-fed local meats, farm-fresh eggs, cheese, herbs, vegetables, snacks and more. I instantly knew that I was in good company when the driver pulled up to the pick-up point and the person gathering my package said, “Meg, it’s your first time shopping with us, welcome!”

Our driver was really intrigued when we picked up the package and did the grocery haul in the car. He took down the Teton Slow Food information and said he would be ordering! I knew this was just the beginning, because when I love something, I tell everyone, and when I hate something, I tell everyone.

Here is what we ordered:
✔️ Raw Milk from Squire Farms
✔️ Raw Chocolate Maple Milk
✔️ Local Goat Cheese
✔️ Local Raw Honey
✔️ Local Deer Tallow
✔️ Local Bear Tallow

CLICK HERE to see the video haul. If you’re in the Jackson Hole area, I HIGHLY recommend ordering with them. Their selection is amazing! If we had a kitchen during our stay, we would’ve gotten a selection of their meats as well.

From the pickup point, we did a quick stop at Whole Foods across the street and Cowboy Coffee Company to make sure we were caffeinated. 

A Warm Welcome at Four Seasons Jackson Hole

After thorough, but quick research, The Four Seasons Jackson Hole was our hotel of choice, and it exceeded every possible expectation. The concierge knew about our situation and went above and beyond in planning our experience for us with short notice. This trip was to double as my birthday trip, since it is just around the corner. 

As we checked in, I was greeted with a delightful birthday plate—a personal touch that spoke volumes about the hospitality that would define our stay. CLICK HERE for a room tour

That evening, we dined at Amangani, a stunning hotel at the top of a mountain in the area, where we indulged in a meal of elk and bison that was as rich in flavor as it was in nutrients, free from any seed oils and they made it clear to us that they went the extra mile to avoid them. We also had housemade huckleberry ice cream and huckleberry foam with dark chocolate. The meal was unbelievably delicious and the view was breathtaking.

Day 2

Wild Encounters and Culinary Surprises

At 7am the next morning, we embarked on a wildlife safari through Grand Teton National Park which was nothing short of spectacular. We found ourselves mere breaths away from a wild herd of majestic bison and a tapestry of other wildlife, a true testament to the unspoiled beauty of Wyoming. 

Our tour guide Jeffrey was incredible and completely onboard with ancestral living. As we got in the vehicle, he told us his story which included his passion for homeopathic medicine, coming from a medical background as a registered nurse. I knew we would get along great. We are grateful to Jackson Hole Wildlife Safaris for the experience. 

That evening, a strange coincidence with a random surprise: our hotel restaurant’s name was called the Westbank Grill. The West Bank is a landlocked territory forming the main bulk of Palestinian territory, a place where we were actually going to spend a day on our trip to the Middle East that very week. Everything felt oddly coincidental and we continue to keep the Middle East in our prayers. 

As we sat down, I instantly knew our waiter was going to be amazing, just based on how he took our order for appetizers. Shortly thereafter, we hear him talking to the table next to us about how he was previously based in Four Seasons Miami in Brickell, just a few blocks from where we used to live. We had to chime in, only to find an unexpected personal connection— he shared a high school alma mater with Albert, making the world feel just a little bit smaller.

We chowed down on bison tenderloin, elk chops and local Idaho potatoes – an unforgettable meal!

Day 3

Exploring the Wonders of Yellowstone

At 7am Saturday morning, we were ready to embark on a full 12-hour day dedicated to Yellowstone National Park. Four Seasons partner Jackson Hole Wildlife Safari arranged an incredible day for us. 

Our guide Pete was about our age and previously a park ranger at Yellowstone National Park, so we knew that we were going to get A+ treatment, knowledge and first-hand experience. Pete grew up in Massachusetts, but has been in the Wydaho (that’s what they call it) area for about 8 years. He is a rockstar photographer, guide and artist also onboard with the ancestral lifestyle, as is his fiancee. Check out his photography on instagram HERE

This day unveiled the Earth’s raw power at the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, the vibrant hues of the Grand Prismatic, and the predictable grandeur of Old Faithful, as well as many other stunning geysers. It was otherworldly. We saw a coyote chasing a deer, a gang of elk (yes, they are called gangs), and a herd of bison up close and personal: a mama bison loved the warmth from the SUV because her winter coat hadn’t fully come in yet, so she decided to hang out close to the car. We ended up eating our ‘picnic’ lunch in the car which included charcuterie and elk sausage as well as steak strips and hard boiled organic eggs: in true ancestral fashion. 

Snowy weather led us on a scenic detour through Montana and Idaho, where we saw ‘The Train Station’ (IYKYK), and the picturesque journey home ended with the cozy comfort of elk chili room service back at the Four Seasons.

Day 4 & 5 

Spiritual Reflections and Immense Relaxation and Stargazing

Sunday morning was reserved for reflection at the 8am mass at Our Lady of the Mountains Catholic Church, grounding our trip with a sense of peace. We stuck out like a sore thumb and were asked to bring up the gifts. It was amazing to see some native Indians attend this mass as well, with such reverence. The mass was a modern Novus Ordo but had a traditional twist, I liked the pastor. After mass concluded, we were tired from the day before, so we walked a block from the church for a latte at an organic coffee shop called Inversion – it was delicious! 

The rest of the day unfolded with indulgent relaxation—a facial at the hotel spa where conversations flowed as freely as the benefits of an ancestral lifestyle and liquid biocell. My esthetician Conder was amazing, she and I engaged in deep dialogue about life while she treated me with the hyperbaric oxygenating facial.

The pinnacle of relaxation peaked on Monday with an afternoon spent at the spa, enjoying a couple’s après treatment which included a bath, massage with local arnica, willow bark wrap with magnesium foot scrub, and IV therapy treatment from Housecall Hydration JH to get us back on track. 

The day faded into night, which we spent stargazing—an experience both humbling and awe-inspiring, with Saturn’s rings and a sky full of stars made visible by Ryan the astronomer’s massive telescope. I don’t think I have ever experienced such clear skies to see so many stars. We were able to see the satellites moving in the sky WITHOUT a telescope – BREATHTAKING. It really puts everything into perspective: we are so significant in an unimaginably large universe. Life is a gift from God, the creator of the universe, not to be wasted. 

I have always loved astronomy, but this experience put it on another level and Ryan’s knowledge on the subject was unmatched. If you are interested in Jackson Hole stargazing, you can find him through Four Seasons Jackson Hole or Teton Skies.

Day 5

Halloween Festivities and Scenic Drives

Halloween in Jackson Hole was a delightful affair, from the charm of shopping in town, clean pumpkin pie lattes at Persephone, to the iconic Million Dollar Cowboy Bar, where the barstools were saddles, and the live music echoed tales of the Old West. 

So many kids were trick or treating in town, it had to be at least 1,000 children. The local shops said that this is the kid’s trick or treating activity since their homes are so far apart. It was interesting to see how things were done here. 

We dressed in our western attire with our Kemo Sabe cowboy hats and wore our boots around town. The weather was warming up so it was much more comfortable outside. We ended up doing an old time western photoshoot, which was an absolute blast! We stopped in to see the Kemo crew since their location just opened up less than a year ago.

Our dinner was spent at Local Restaurant and Bar on the square in Jackson Hole, just near the famous elk arches. I had a bison burger and Albert had a wagyu cheesesteak. We also had game sausage with ewe cheese charcuterie as an appetizer. The food was spectacular. 

We were getting tired, so we headed back to the hotel and ordered hot chocolate to the room since our Wednesday was going to be a long one.

Day 6

Four Seasons x Mercedes-Benz Test Drive Program

Wednesday granted us another gift—a Mercedes Benz GLE for the day via the Four Seasons Mercedes-Benz test drive program. We revisited Our Lady of the Mountains for All Saints Day, had breakfast at The Cloudveil, and took in the artistry of the National Museum of Wildlife Art. The museum overlooks the elk refuge and the view is breathtaking. 

After spending some time back in town, we decided to run back to Grand Teton National Park to visit the historic Mormon Barns, which we did not get to see during our wildlife safari due to time constraints and weather. 

We were blessed with exceptionally glorious weather, the kind that leaves a lasting impression on your soul. While we were at the barns, there was not a single human in sight. The silence was a level I have never experienced in my 32 years of life. There was no sound of birds, wind or weather, cars, people, animals… not even crickets.  At first, it kind of freaked me out and then I felt complete and utter stillness, surrendering to the quiet and lack of cell signal. 

Before we drove the car back to the Four Seasons, we stopped at Hotel Jackson to eat at their Lebanese restaurant called Figs. It was delicious- I had kefta and Albert had baked kibbeh. They sent us home with 9 pitas and hummus so we could snack throughout the night.

Day 7

Saying Goodbye to Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole Airport’s cozy vibe and commitment to sustainability through numerous recycling options was the cherry on top of our seamless journey home. It was a wonderful place to wait for a flight back to Miami, and I certainly hope this isn’t our last time visiting. 

Each moment in Jackson Hole was a chapter in a storybook of natural wonders, warm encounters, and true respite. As we left behind the Tetons, the memories of our late-October and early-November days in this Wyoming haven will be etched in our memories forever.