Grounding, also known as earthing, refers to the practice of physically connecting to the Earth’s natural, negative charge to promote physical health and well-being. People mainly view grounding as standing barefoot in grass, however, it can also include walking on a sandy beach, or touching a tree if you are in the city. The human body is conductive, so it’s believed that a direct connection with the Earth’s surface can have beneficial health effects such as the following:

1. Reduction of Inflammation: Grounding may help decrease inflammation in the body. The Earth’s negative charge could neutralize free radicals in our bodies, which are often the cause of inflammation.

2. Improved Sleep: Some people report better sleep after practicing grounding. This could be due to the natural rhythms of the Earth’s electrical energy promoting regular sleep patterns and increasing melatonin production.

3. Stress and Anxiety Relief: Grounding can provide a calming effect, helping to reduce stress and anxiety. This may be due to the connection with nature and the Earth, which can promote a sense of well-being and relaxation.

4. Improved Circulation: Some research suggests that grounding can improve blood flow and therefore circulation, which can aid in recovery from injury or intense workouts, and can promote overall cardiovascular health.

5. Increased Energy: Many people who practice grounding report an increase in their energy levels. This could be a result of better sleep, reduced stress, or a direct energy transfer from the Earth.

6. Pain Reduction: Grounding may help to reduce chronic pain. Again, this might be due to the reduction in inflammation, as well as improved sleep and reduced stress.

7. Boosts Immunity: By reducing inflammation, improving sleep, and reducing stress, grounding can potentially boost the immune system, helping the body to heal more quickly and effectively.

8. Improved Mood: Grounding can have a positive effect on mood. This is likely due to a general sense of well-being that comes from connecting with nature.

Some people find relief in as little as 10 minutes of grounding; typically, 20-30 minutes a day is recommended. I have found that doing it first thing in the morning has been a tremendous mood booster for me to begin my day off strong in conjunction with prayer, gratitude, and meditation exercises.