I recently discovered Seed Oil Scout when trying to find restaurants that have seed-oil-free options available. Seed Oil Scout is a unique mobile app designed to help conscious diners map out restaurants that prioritize cooking with healthy fats. 

In order to understand its importance, it is crucial to understand more about seed oils and why they are so detrimental to metabolic health (for everyone) in the first place. I wrote this in-depth piece on seed oils when I made drastic lifestyle changes over the summer of 2022 after receiving some challenging health and fertility news. 

Seed Oil Scout boasts an extensive map of restaurants across the globe, providing information about the use of seed oils and fats that restaurants are cooking with. It also can categorize restaurants based on various dietary requirements and preferences such as grass-fed beef, tallow, vegan options, gluten-free meals, and other food sensitivities. The app also highlights establishments that source their ingredients locally. This comprehensive approach allows users to “Dine Fearlessly with SOS.”

Seed Oil Scout is available on both iOS and Android platforms, facilitating communication with restaurant staff, sharing of reports, and the fostering of a community of users who value (ancestral) health-conscious dining​​. If you “SCOUT” a restaurant that does or does not cook with seed oils, you can add the content to the app via your account, to help other people who dine there be more aware and informed about what they’re consuming.

According to user reviews, Seed Oil Scout is considered a necessary response to the “seed oil epidemic,” allowing users to choose businesses that do not compromise on ingredient quality. Users appreciate the ability to make health-conscious choices without fear of inadvertently consuming harmful seed oils. 

I love this app because I know it will continue to evolve and improve, expanding its user base and spreading awareness of the risks associated with seed oils and other unhealthy ingredients. 

Seed Oil Scout is seen as a beacon of hope for a healthier future, enabling individuals to make informed choices and support restaurants that prioritize the health of their customers​​.

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