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  • App Highlight: Seed Oil Scout

    I recently discovered Seed Oil Scout when trying to find restaurants that have seed-oil-free options available. Seed Oil Scout is a unique mobile app designed to help conscious diners map out restaurants that prioritize cooking with healthy fats.  In order to understand its importance, it is crucial to understand more about seed oils and why […]

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  • 5 Tips For Impressive Real Estate Photography

    1. Declutter – Make sure the space is as clear as possible   2. Walk through the home – Get the feel of the space before you start   3. Lights on or off? – Decide what’s better for the space and stick to it  4. Use flash – A flash will add extra light to darker […]

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  • Four Financial Tips for Buying a Second Home

    Second homes are becoming more expensive, and house hunters should examine interest rates, upfront fees, maintenance charges and taxes when calculating the cost.  Demand for second homes has ramped up in the last couple of years among affluent Americans and foreign national buyers.   Seventy percent of respondents in a 2021 national survey said they were […]

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  • Move to Miami

    Top reasons people choose to relocate to Miami

    Most people love Florida and would move to Miami without a second thought. The Magic City has proven to be a giant magnet to young and old, men and women, Americans and foreigners alike, and now the ‘techxodus’ with a growing population of tech and Silicon Valley natives are flocking to this great city. We […]

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