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  • Our Visit to Asheville North Carolina

    From the serene stillness of the woods to the bustling energy of Asheville, our recent #megbertretreat trip to North Carolina was a delightful blend of peaceful retreat and vibrant exploration. A rich tapestry of experiences unfolded as we immersed ourselves in the local culture, savored delectable foods, and embraced the breathtaking natural beauty that surrounded […]

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  • App Highlight: Seed Oil Scout

    I recently discovered Seed Oil Scout when trying to find restaurants that have seed-oil-free options available. Seed Oil Scout is a unique mobile app designed to help conscious diners map out restaurants that prioritize cooking with healthy fats.  In order to understand its importance, it is crucial to understand more about seed oils and why […]

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  • Regenerative Agriculture

    What is Regenerative Agriculture?  Regenerative agriculture is a farming practice that aims to improve soil health, biodiversity, and ecosystem services by following principles that enhance soil fertility, conserve natural resources, and promote ecosystem resilience. Regenerative agriculture practices include reduced tillage, cover cropping, crop rotations, intercropping, agroforestry, and the integration of livestock with crop production. The […]

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